Monday, April 4, 2011

Commissioned Apparel: Men's Fashion Tees

Commissioned Apparel: Men's Fashion Tees

Here's something that I kinda like or relate to professionally. I'll share my present ventures and passionate journey in a later post. This post is about the Apparel Retail business. This has been my profession all through my life. & I've absolutely enjoyed my job. I've loved it all the way. Here's how I've described myself in my social networking profile.

I'm a seasoned apparel production and sourcing executive from Bangladesh. I've worked my way up through production, merchandising, marketing and sourcing ranks of the industry. I'm a multi task oriented negotiator with the ability of building strong relationships across cross-functional operations I've enjoyed working in organizations where the international standards and best practices are applied with career advancement opportunities.

Bangladesh is obviously a preferred place to source best value apparels. Fashion is my passion & I'm always exploring new openings. I've excellent connections with a number of specialized manufacturers helping me with product developments as well as bulk production capacity allocations. I've always enjoyed being an integral part of building a fashion line or a private label all the way from concept to completion in a professional manner. As an independent apparel & textile professional i'm thoroughly enjoying exploring social networking possibilities & opportunities in strengthening business networking & connections. Apart from arranging production allocation from right manufacturers for already established retailers, my personal favorite is to assist new ventures/designers trying to introduce a new fashion line or private label. I'm all out to extend my connections & expertise in sourcing the right product in right quality with right price in a stipulated time frame.

I've learned a very important lesson during the recession. The story behind a successful brand or private label is not hidden in the unique concept only, it is also very important to have a functional supply chain which needs to ensure right quality in right price range right on time.

In brief, i'm approachable, upbeat and fun loving, passionate to give more than I get and excited by doing things differently.

Here's a link to my LinkedIn profile if someone's interested to know me further... ""...

As the social networking has exposed me to a whole new world of connectivity, I'm following a few companies from the scratch. I'm watching their success story.. this company is one of them..I'm following them by all means. An enlightening journey for me...Cheers for them....

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