Our Mission

Welcome to #CreativeResourcesBD.

We're all about connecting the dots for the communities in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is one of the most preferred place to source best value apparels. Fashion is our passion & we've always enjoyed being an integral part of building a fashion line all the way from concept to completion in a professional manner.

Though the apparel manufacturers in Bangladesh have been catering all sorts of fashion related to the retailers and outlets all around he globe, yet so far there is no significant fashion line, private label or brand representing Bangladesh offering global franchise.

Keeping this in mind and observing the recent growth of online sales, we've developed a vision to launch a clothing line. Via online sale, we wish to connect a customer from the far end of the globe with the manufacturer in Bangladesh.

We're passionately working on developing the brand, innovative packaging considering online delivery, strategically outlining the complete supply chain, determining the basic yet trendy stylings along with necessary fabric, accessories & trims. Hopefully we'll be able to tie up all the loose ends & launch the clothing line by the beginning of 2017.

Finally in order to validate this business we can't think of any other alternative, but to launch the clothing line via crowd funding platforms. As the validation of such business largely depends on launching a well organized campaign, we're also learning the tips & tricks of launching a successful campaign. Please do consider following us which will hugely inspire us to materialize our dream project.

Sometime soon, we plan to start documenting the process and share our journey with our fan, followers & well wishers. Do keep us in your prayer please.

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